Keys And Chords
- A pause of 8 years ! How could you let us wait so long ;-)? The price
you have to pay for being a one-person band?

no that has definitely got nothing to to with being a one man band. i
think in a way as one man band you can work even faster as in a full
band as you are not disturbed by band quarrels.

the reason for that delay was the work on the last DVKE album where i
got serious problems with the female singers. first tania who sung on
the album before got such deep psychosocially problems that she was
unable to sing the vocal lines, then i had similar problems with the
next singer i tried. finally after 2,5 years delay i found the perfect
singer who recorded all songs within a few days. together with other
problems i got this huge delay. anyway i think that pause was not just a
lost time, i think a lot of ideas where born in my head which are now
ready to be fulfilled. that's why i already created new ice ages songs,
while normally after a release i need lots of time to get into it again.

- By comparing the previous album (The Killing Emptiness), I discover
that the new one is more aggressive and that there are more rhythmical
elements included? Do you agree?

yes i also think its more aggressive; mainly because of the more noisy
sounds. because of the cool possibilities new software synths offer i
was much more free in sound creation than before. in the past the main
way to get drum sounds was to distort some sampled with overdrive
effects, now i could work far more with fm and ring technologies (not
only on drums but also on the melody sounds). due to that higher
control of the sound i could also create more different sounds and
therefore add more drum sounds and increase the rhythmical level.

- Al the lyrics are by the hand of Gregorii Petrenko. Is there a
thematically connection between both albums?

the problem is that grigorii is now as tourist leader in the altay
mountains for 3 months so i can not forward him that question, but i
know that the lyrics are not meant have a thematic connection. they
are rather written to increase the mood of the songs and should be seen
as separate poems.

- Can you elaborate a bit about the texts used on ‘Buried Silence’?

well again i have that problem that grigorii is not available, but i
already know that he never likes to talk about his lyrics as he is of
the opinion that lyrics are made for the listeners to build up their own
mind and views about it, while explaining them is rather a disturbing
thing. i can just say that the only order he had from me was the the
lyrics are dark and don't present deal to much with reality or past.

- The cover of ‘Buried Silence’ looks very industrial. What do we see

it was not the goal of the cover to show something clear that everybody
can recognise immediately. its like electronic sounds, they are also not
always total clear where they came from or what they shall mean. a bit
of mystery is a nice thing and leaves more space for the listener or
viewer to build up his own thoughts about it. but anyway i also have no
problems to explain the cover as well. its just a mirrored photo of a
highway but total manipulated in shape and colour. it was my aim to make
something with it that's not connected to the original object and give
it a more spacy and cold mood. actually a highway is one of the last
things i associate with the music of ice ages, but i think i could
distort the original look so much that i created something that matches
very well to the mood of the music.

- When you come up with a melody or a song structure, or just an idea,
how can you decide to use that specific melody for Ice Ages or Summoning
or DVKE?

thats total easy. i never ever ask that question.
when i work for ice ages i start a song by turning around some knobs
getting a new sound. and while searching for that sound i press the keys
and naturally after a while i get a kind of melodic or rhythm during that
sound search. this rhythm become later a ice ages song. with DVKE or
summoning there are not so many options for searching new sounds as all
sounds are rather orchestral samples, so the way how to start songs
there is a different one. instead of pressing a few keys i rather think
in longer harmonies and start rather with full tunes than with short loops.

- I follow the also your other projects. I like Die Verbannten Kinder
Evas most. Any new to report about that?

for now there are no news. actually right now i am still so passionate
about ice ages and still am fascinated about the new options software
syths offer that i am more in the mood for ice ages than for DVKE. so it
might be possible that a 4rth ice ages will appear before the 5th DVKE,
but its far to early to give any comments about that.

Keys And Chords