After eight years of silence Richard Lederer impresses both fans and press with his third album from Ice Ages called Buried Silence. Richard and I reckoned it was time to get our dear Gothtronic readers acquainted again with Ice Ages.

First of all, congratulations with the new and excellent Ice Ages album. How are the reactions thus far?
Seeing it from the personal view the reactions are all very positive. I get lots of letters and comments about the new album telling me how much people like it and that my new sound is great.
Seeing it from the magazine view the reactions depend on the background of those zines. While magazines focusing more on dark music seem to like it very much, the traditional metal zines have some problems with the music naturally. Actually Ice Ages has nothing to do with a traditional metal zine, but because Ice Ages is released on a metal label I get lots of reactions as well.

Eight years between This Killing Emptiness and Buried Silence. How come?
The main reason was the delay of my darkwave project Die Verbannten Kinder Evas. Due to serious problems of the female singer the release got delayed month after month. This resulted in an unwanted pause of two years! Apart from that I had loads of other things to do, learning and programming, and was also busy with my other music projects and releases on behalf of these projects. I never intended such a long pause and when I look back I wonder how this could have happened. Anyway, for me it is clear that the next Ice Ages will not take so much time. I have already finished a new song and two songs are still works in progress. Besides that I have managed to make a remix of the song "Alone from Asylum", which you can hear on my Ice Ages website. We can conclude that I have enough creativity to release another Ice Ages album in a relative short time span.

My personal opinion is that Buried Silence has no drastic musical changes, although it is more aggressive than This Killing Emptiness. What are the main differences between these albums in your opinion?
Ice Ages is definitely not a band who wants to surprise listeners from album to album. Ice Ages has and always will have those typical elements like harsh multi-layered drum sounds and melancholic harmonies and melodies. My way is rather to work on the existing style and add new elements to it, or change some detail. I am not about destroying creations and recreating something new again. I have already my other projects where I can make total different moods, so there is no need to use Ice Ages as a toy for expressing my different musical sides.
Regarding the differences the main change is the sounds. I have been testing some new music software and finally discovered “Reaktor 5” which has become my main tool for making sounds. Reaktor 5 is such an excellent program that it lets me work without any limitation in sound and creativity. This new technology influenced my way of composing new material a lot. Buried Silence is not only more aggressive; it is also more multi-layered and has better vocal lines than This Killing Emptiness.

Do you have any favourite tracks on Buried Silence and please explain why?
Favourite songs come and go. At the beginning I was sure that title track "Buried Silence" will be my favourite. But as time passes by I realise that I preferred other songs. At this moment "Enemy Inside" if my favourite, but as said before next week it could be another song.

Grom still writes all the lyrics in Buried Silence. Can you give some details how this works?
Since Grom is living in Siberia, it is not like we can meet each other easily.
This time the process of creating lyrics was different than before. Normally I create a song with vocal tunes. When everything is totally finished I start to search for some lyrics that might suit and start adapting them in the rhythm of the vocal line.
This time I recorded the tracks with vocals singing some senseless syllables. After that I sent them to Grom so that he could write lyrics for that rhythm. After receiving the lyrics I sang the lyrics for the songs and let Grom adapt the lyrics piece by piece in order to get the songs and lyrics matched perfectly. This went on for some weeks and finally the lyrics where finished. Although Grom and I already met three times in Vienna, during the process we did not meet a single time. Everything was done via e-mail and chat!

Ice Ages, unlike DVKE and Summoning is more electronic based. Are there any acts which influenced you in making Ice Ages sound like it does (Leather Strip)?
Although Leatherstrip used to be faster and straighter with Ice Ages I think there are some special elements that we have common. Leatherstrip was always seen just as a hard EBM band, but it contained also some kind of a soundtrack feeling as well. Or to give the reply Claus Larsen gave me; “We both share the passion for large soundscapes.”
Actually, Leatherstrip was THE band which made me start with this kind of music. I still remember the day when I heard the songs "Mohawk" and "Zyklon B" for the first time. It totally changed my life and gave me the realisation what power and darkness electronic instruments can create. I also liked the idea of being able to make music totally alone, apart from any band and boring rehearsals.

So I can conclude that you prefer creating music by yourself?
Except for working with Silenius with our Summoning project, I prefer working alone. It saves me dealing with compromises when working with band-members.

Talking about music are there any current projects which you admire?
I am a huge fan of the complexity of Mentallo and the Fixer. The new act Rosewater, whose releases are hard to come by, has also grasped my attention.

Okay, let’s get back to Ice Ages. What kind of people listens to Ice Ages in your opinion? Is it the die-hard Summoning/DVKE/Ice Ages fan or does it consist of an entire different audience?
This really depends. Some fans are coming from Summoning and DVKE and some just from the dark electronic side. Sure, Ice Ages has no guitars at all and is totally electronic so it’s no music for pure metal fans or people who like only “hand-made” music. On the other hand it also does not really fit within the current EBM scene which becomes more techno orientated and focused on easy danceable patterns than on dark atmospheres.

I still remember a memorable performance of Ice Ages is 013 (Tilburg , Netherlands) clearly. How did you experience it?
The concert was very fine and the reaction of the audience was superb! In the Netherlands people are more communicative than in other countries.

Are you doing any live-show in order to promote the Buried Silence album?
So far I just gave one performance in Romania three weeks ago. It was fine and for the first time I experienced it with live projections. It was a bit unusual standing on the stage and I made some small mistakes, but the end result was more than okay and people liked it very much. The fan communication and the after show party was huge; I almost felt like a VIP surrounded by paparazzi at the end ;-).

Richard, what might we expect to hear from you in the near future?
Right now I am still in the Ice Ages mood. Normally after a release I rather look forward to my other projects, but I think due to the long and unwanted pause there is still much creativity left in order to release a new Ice Ages soon. There are already four DVKE albums, so in order to balance things I should be making a new Ice Ages record.
On the other hand if I can get Silenius and his lazy butt moving ;-) we might release another Summoning album shortly.

Many thanks for the interview Richard and hopefully we hear very soon from you..