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Richard Lederer (Protector for Summoning fans) seems to be a very hard working person, taking part in many different groups, one of them being his one-man project, Ice Ages. For more info on his icy cold music... read on!

METAL REALM: Hi Richard! First of all, can you give us a brief account of how Ice Ages were formed?

RICHARD: Hello once again! When i first got my first keyboard i started to make music with it in two styles. One was more classical insiprated and one sounded more futuristic and EBM inspired. At this time I allready liked as well dark wave music, and also hard electronic music like Leatherstrip. Later those different styles became Die Verbannten Kinder Evas and Ice ages. The very first IA songs are as old as the very first DVKE songs.

METAL REALM: So, Ice Ages must be considered a one man project, right?

RICHARD: Yes exept the lyrics from Ray (from Pazuzu). But the music and the vocals were just made by me.

METAL REALM: Great! Anyway, how did this name come up? I mean, it doesn't show the music style you play... It's really not a usual band name!

RICHARD: This name was found by Ashely (from the band "Whispers in the shadow". I think it suits to the name, because the music of IA is as cold as the name. When I first heard this name ; i imagined a allready gone dead world with no Sun aor wormth: and this suits perfect to the sound of IA.

METAL REALM: By the way, do you use Protector or your real name for Ice Ages?

RICHARD: I use my real name. I use protector only for summonig, because Summonig represents a world of elves and gnomes and not the world of humans, so I didn't want to use a human name for it.

METAL REALM: Musicwise, what are the differences between the style of IA and Summoning, or even DVKE, and how would you describe the music of IA?

RICHARD: The main difference is the differnt sound. IA uses synthetic and could melody sounds (instead of the orchestral sound of Summoning or DVKE) and cold, hard machine like drumsounds (instead of tympanies or marchdrumms). The mood is much more colde and futuristic. The voice is distorted by a guitardistorter andsounds very inhuman. I just use the synthesiser for it with not additional or "real" instruments. I you might have seen the film Dark City; this is how the music of IA sounds!!

METAL REALM: What bands inspired you for Ice Ages?

RICHARD: I have bands in this direction which I relly like (like Leatherstrip, or "Mortal constraint", the old "Evils Toy", the first "funker vogt" CD) and they surely inspired my, but I think that my music sounds different from them anyway.

METAL REALM: Based on the recent change of Silenius's look, I'd like to ask you a few things about it... First of all, have you changed anything on you??? :-)

RICHARD: No I didn't. I still have long hair and for me this is absolutely normal, and I don't think of cutting it:-)

METAL REALM: Do you believe that all these things can become cliches and finally harm the music..? Sometimes I have the feeling that some people only want to look bad, and try to behave rudely etc, instead of writing some good music (of course, I don't mean that you do so!!! :-))

RICHARD: I do not care so much about the look or behaviour of a band. For me just the music counts.

METAL REALM: So, it's not necessary to agree with the opinions and lifestyles of a band's members to like that band....

RICHARD: For me not. Well I think that if you like dark music very much, you maybe are not the type who likes to got to sunny places like haway or ibiza just to to let your skin get brown, but if someone likes this why not.

METAL REALM: I agree! :-) Anyway, let's go back to IA! What are the lyrics about? What's the theme of them?

RICHARD: By the way, this is the first time I wrote lyrics (for my new CD)!

METAL REALM: it'll be a surprise for us! :-)

RICHARD: I can not really say what they are about, and don't thing that it is the purpous of a lyric to tell it in one sentence. I really don't understand the need of most reviewers nowerdays, that every lyric has to have a "message". I think if I want to tell a message I will get a politician and not a musician. For me the lyircs just have to spread a dark and hopeless mood, and I think i achieved this aim... If you want to read them take a look at my brand new Ice ages Homepage:! I forgott to tell. Some (very good) lyrics were written by grom, who is also involved in the summoning and dvke hompepages. Like the title song "this killing emptiness"

METAL REALM: Great, I'll check them out! BTW, are the lyrics printed in the booklet?

RICHARD: Only some of the lyrics will be printed in the booklet (lack of space)

METAL REALM: And do they deal with fantastic themes, or are they realistic...?

RICHARD: Of course they are not realsitic, but they are not fantastic in the Summoning way. I would describe them more as morbid and maybe sometimes surealistic.

METAL REALM: Yes... Only a few questions left, first of them: the drum sounds in Ice Ages are marching rythms, or usual metal drums?

RICHARD: I guess once you heard the album you wouldn't ask such question:-) They are far beyond such cathegories as metal, or march. Maybe the word industrial would suit best (but completely in a differtent way as KWO). There are no real snare, bass drums or Hi Hats. The drums sound like machines.

METAL REALM: Yes... I guess I have to listen to it to understand exactly.... Yes... I see, I understand! :-) As far as the music we listen is concerned... What are the main creteria to judge a song?

RICHARD: I didn't really understand the last question.

METAL REALM: I mean, is music or lyrics more important in a song... And as for the music... What's more important: the power or the melody?

RICHARD: For me the music is more important than the lyrics. I meant that I would listen to great music with awfull lyrics but not to awfull music with great lyrics (I would prefere to read poems instead). But of course I am very glad when a music that I like has also very good lyrics (and I am also very happy that grom wrote such dark lyrics for my IA music)

For me also the tunes and the rythms are the most important things. I meant that for me a good song can be measured by its notes. The sound is secondary for me, but also importatn. I just think that a good tune or a good rythms is immortal, whereas a spectacular sound can fade with the times and with the different fashiones.

METAL REALM:So, we must be open-minded and listen to everything, or stay within the walls of metal?

RICHARD: I don't have anything against people who just like one style. I think it is much better just to listen to one style and really love it, thatn to force yourselfe to listen to many styles (just to get the image of it and not to like them very much.

METAL REALM: Yes, I understand, and I agree! Although, I personally feel that most people push themselves to stay within one kind of music, and far fewer to listen to more than one...

RICHARD: I think that many people today feel a need to listen to many styles just to be able to say: " look how open minded I am!! Don'T you think I am brilliant?!!"

METAL REALM: Oh, yes, I agree 100% on that, and that's completely stupid.... Living for the others is completely stupid in generall... It's only one life we have, so let's live it how we dream.... So, Richard, thanks a lot for the interview, and I think that the best wish I can give you is to... live your life the way you dream of it!!!

RICHARD: This is a good end sentence:-) And I also finnished my Retsina right now:-) So I think the signs are clear:-)

METAL REALM: Although it was you who had to give me a catchy end sentence! :-)

RICHARD: So let it be the sentence with the Retsina:-)

METAL REALM: Thanks a lot, Richard!

RICHARD: Nothing to thank. Thank you for your questions.

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