LEGACY: Comparing to "DVKE" the expression "ICE AGES" sounds rather cold and merciless....

RICHARD: "I sought for a name that describes the music best (cold, frightening, inhuman), and Ashley from WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW ( aband in which I play bass guitar and which is style sounds like Gothic Wave in the vein of old THE CURE) found the name for me."

LEGACY: What does the contrast between romanticism and inhumanity give you for you creativity?

RICHARD: "ICE AGES for me is a prolific contrast to the realistic, humand sounds of DVKE; if I would only be involved in one project, my work could easily sound boring, the results could lose themselves in cliches."
LEGACY: I think that danger is not so big in the beginning of a band... what can you say about that?

RICHARD: "There were some demos, but I can't find them anymore; it's not important by the way, because all the songs can be head on the album, in much better quality."

LEGACY: Somehow you did get in contact with M.O.S. Records. Were there any other offers?

RICHARD: "Because of the fact that I do the vocals for WELTENBRAND I know Oliver Falk, who is also the boss of M.O.S. very well. So it was logical to offer him the music of ICE AGES. He signed it, so I didn't see any sense in searching for other labels."

LEGACY: To look into future: are you satisfied with the work your label does for you? How well do you sell?

RICHARD: "M.O.S. promotes the music really well, what I regard as fine of course. I can't say anything about the sellings, because I'm not informed about them."

LEGACY: In last January you recorded the first album, in "Tonspur Studio Buchs". Is there anything to mention about that?

RICHARD: "The studio is absolutely not specialised for Dark Wave or Electro and records every kind of music. The sound on the CD is though absolutely like I wanted it to be, especially the sound of the vocals."

LEGACY: That means you consider the result as perfect?

RICHARD: "The sound of the synthesizer was not surprising, I had nearly the same at home but the vocals weren't fixed before."

LEGACY: This distorted talking vocal effect seems to fit to your intention I guess. By the way: who wrote the lyrics?

RICHARD: "The lyrics do not play an important role in ICE AGES. They were written by Ray Wells of PAZUZU."

LEGACY: So the music is the main thing within your projects. I would say it consists of a charecteristic percussion motive adorned by melodies, right?

RICHARD: "I try to avoid these common stanza-refrain schemes (in lenghts of four minutes). Rhythmically I also try not to use direct emphasises, as it's usually done in electronical music. The music should contain as much rhythmical and melodical informations as possible."

LEGACY: The mercilessly hammering percussions sound very uncommon and interesting. How did you come across these possibilities of experimenting with sounds?

RICHARD: "I was a drummer long time ago and I have enough of common drumsounds. Instead of this drumsounds reminding on machines sounds much colder, more fascinationg, harder... just more inhuman! I would not like if people thought of a sweatening drummer while listening to my music, but a merciless machine that would play further and further even if the whole world would have been destroyed!"
LEGACY: The cover of the CD looks like your description, reminds a bit on futuristic swordblades...

RICHARD: The picture has no deeper meaning, it's meant to support the mood of the music."

LEGACY: How would you describe ICE AGES?

RICHARD: "Electronical Gothic with influences from Industrial, with a lot of melody."

LEGACY: Do you like similar bands?

RICHARD: "I listen to electro bands like FUNKER VOGT, EVILS TOY, MORTAL CONSTRAINT, LEATHER STRIP, but also bands like the old DAS ICH and former SOPOR AETERNUS."

LEGACY: Don't you think all your projects could sound similar one day?

RICHARD: "As long as I'm able to stay flexible I do not see any danger."

LEGACY: Thank you for answering my few questions!

RICHARD: "Everything is said."

by Florian Dammasch