Sonic Seducer
SONIC SEDUCER: Richard, tell something about the history of Ice Ages; who are the members of the band?

RICHRD: After being involved in metal music for almost 10 years, and playing more than 3 years in the black metal band Summoning, I've turned towards electronic music. I've started to create my first compositions with synthesizer, which musical specter ranges from classic, to BM elements. My classical pieces are being released on CD under the name "Die Verbannten Kinder Evas", and electronic ones, - under the name "Ice Ages". I am the only member of the band, and create all the music and vocals myself. Ray Wells, who wrote the lyrics is not the member of the band.

SONIC SEDUCER: Why was the band called so? Is there any meaning in it?

RICHRD: No, the name has no philosophical content. It just suits the music well. Music is much more more significant than text in IA.

SONIC SEDUCER: You are already admitted with DVKE. Is this band just a side-project, or it is something more for you? What do you think is your "major task"?

RICHRD: Both projects are equivalent to me. They complement each other mutually. It is interesting for me to play in different styles, since otherwise my work will be too monotonous. However it is important to me not to deviate too far from my dark melancholic roots.

SONIC SEDUCER: IA is played in another style than DVKE, so describe your music as a whole to those readers, who have not heard IA. Perhaps you can give a self-assessment to your music?

RICHRD: IA music is both dark and melodic. Contrary to DVKE, there is no classical instrumental sound here. In this project I use electronic melody lines and drum-machine. It is important to me that the rhythm is not straight-lined or techno-oriented like in some other bands (in fact, I like them), but polyphonic and unexpectable. Also I try to avoid banal songs structures. Likewise it is important that electronic music must not have the metal influences, and remain purely electronic.

SONIC SEDUCER: How are your compositions being created? You do all the sound, but lyrics are made by Ray Wells. Is there any coordination between songwriting and texts among you?

RICHRD: There is no coordination. RW has nothing to do with electronic industrial music. I just needed some lyrics urgently and had no desire to do them myself, thereby I asked RW, the leader of "Pazuzu" to write some futuristic dark texts for me.

SONIC SEDUCER: Can you tell what are those lyrics about?

RICHRD: I would have to ask Ray, who is not attainable for the moment.

SONIC SEDUCER: Does the dark depressive tendency of the songs, which one cannot deny certainly, reflect personal tendency or experience in any way?

RICHRD: I am sometimes depressive and sometimes in a good mood; however a depressive tendency is a far better source of inspiration than merry. Additionally I hate merry music.

SONIC SEDUCER: Do you have personal tape preferences or any tapes as models? Did they influence your music?

RICHRD: Well, not models, since many of my pieces developed before I heard this music at all. I have many favorite bands (for example Funker Vogt, Evil's Toy, Mortal Constraint, Leatherstrip and Mental Restruktion), but I believe their music has nothing in common with the one, I play.

SONIC SEDUCER: Do you reckon yourself to the black scene? And tell something about Austrian scene.

RICHRD: I go gladly and often to black fests, but since I don't know what criteria one must fulfill in order to belong to black scene, I can not answer this question. (For example I don't like "London after Midnight" and "Silke Bischof" at all). And I don't believe those criteria to exist (what a stupid question after all). Austrian scene is not very big, and I believe that music does not not have a really large value in the scene. In contrast to the German black scene, Austrian scene seems to me to be more closed.

SONIC SEDUCER: And the last question about IA? Will the album have success? How do you see the future?

RICHRD: I just don't know, for I am the musician, not a manager. Surely other IA CD's will appear, although the next release will be the second DVKE album.