lyrics - Strike The Ground
Strike The Ground - This Killing Emptiness - Buried Silence
02. A Dream As Real As Darkness
Look at me my fearfull friend
I worthly i seem to you
Well then look closer into my eyes
I am sicker than you think

I mock you while you cry
I am the dark side beneath your head
The spider in your head

I am the rodent in your guts
The knife in youself that cuts

I stand before you
A mirage of your fear
A dream so real - like darkness

by Ray Wells

03. Strike The Gound
Enshrouded in the bed of steel
I'm backled to the chair
here i travel lonely threw the air i fly
The might flies by so fast

Suddenly a cry beneath me
I find my aircraft gone
I'm falling to the ground
As i plunge towards my destiny
The planet disappears.

Here i am and ready to die
But i don't stop my falling
Trapped in silent nightmares

As part of time as slave to death
My life will never end
release me from this sickness
Please talk to may abandoned soul
I whish my tiny heart
to finally strike the ground.

by Ray Wells

05. Endless Circle
Like and endless seeming circle
Around i go
Deja vu enchants me
I know there is something wrong

I push to break this secret
But i feel it wont go well
I am trapped within a moment
The world enslaves my mind

by Ray Wells

06. Shrink to nothing
Like a spider in the darkness
Emptiness is feeding my pain
I'm not really human
Not quite of flesh and bone

There is chaos in my being
A lonely soul so dark
Slowly i am fading
And none wants to care

I hear the secret calling
Everyone else is so deaf
The world moves on
Depressions, I am by myself

Light shines bright above me
I reach but fail to grasp it
Lonely i am fading
Noone to hold my hand

by Ray Wells

08. Trapped and Scared
Sadness lives by my side
Laughter distorts my face
I am the crystal master
That lives inside my head

A maze of endless torments
The doors to nowhere lead
Forever lost, trapped and scared

Tears now drawn my eyes
Here in this lonely part of the world
Where nothing left to lose
And i am floating endlessly.

Forever to be found
Surely i am certain
Dead i'll be and without life
Never to tell this story.

by Ray Wells

09. Dead But Wide Awaik
Alone i am here and cannot die
My eyes can talk - I communicate
S.O.S please save my soul
Pull the plug, i beg from you

Pity i cannot need
I am dead but wide awake
This nightmare you must end
My weekend body is to tired to fight

by Ray Wells

11. Transparent Dream
Sea of chaos, electric mist
A dark sky calling, a cloud of dust
Boiling magma, darkified
A veil of liquid, transparent dreams

I stand a lone among this chaos
A grain of eternal sand
I scream for others but find myself alone
There is no comfort on this planet.

I dream i drift alone
From the sky like lightning bolts.
A hand of ice my only hope.
Sinking quickly, I am alone
I cannot breath - my sight grows dim

by Ray Wells