lyrics - Nullify
Strike The Ground - This Killing Emptiness - Buried Silence - Nullify
01. Nullify
Here is another lie
Seducing to fight the purpose
Hands on to nullify
The fabric to get attention

Fall out - do not apply
Go on and caress the people
Broken look in his eye
To welcome the agitation

Undisputed cry
The claim of accuration
Elevated sigh
Come on and join the sermon

Bow to a tender lie
Let victory bring the losses
Pick up the juvenile
Cold ruins to house the masses

Give praise to nullify
All struggles sedating failures
Refuse the storm of time
Contaminate desperation

02. Empty Shrine
Lay the brick on the ground
Disrupting the sound
Extinguish my voice keep it frozen

Change opinions keep sides
Light up kerosine
Set fire to enjoy reflection

Launch erections sublime
In your empty shrine
Electrify all fellow pilgrims

Fake the greed of your friends
As dear common sense
The craving for emaciation

My wings are ablaze
Step over the line
I need your devotion embrace my shrine

Fall into the void
And don´t hesitate
Be part of my future - it is your fate

March with uncoloured hordes
And worship their gods
Reality just an illusion

Crush the ultimate blaze
Tear down this old maze
Connecting the ends of all sorrows

Among all the blind
I am the divine
Decreasing reaction is my decline

Fall into the void
And don´t hesitate
Be part of my future, it is your fate

03. Reunion
Please hurt me so deep
Please hurt me like no one before
You know it was me
Should we reunite?

Dont answer me please
You promised me all your hatred
The wisdom, that means
Nothing more for us

Please say you are real
Please show me no truth but visions
How can you be mean?
You are too divine

I stand at the gates
I'm making my last decision
Now forging my fate
Hope it's not too late

This game isnt't sacred
Sinful as before
Your passion is me
Wish you could make it much clearer

Your loath is so precious
But i pray for more
It's my only will
To unite behind the mirror

Your loath is so precious
But i still want more
I just want to find
Want to find me in the mirror

04. Chasm
Twisted seconds run
All twisted minutes slip
For raging hours it's sence to keep

Stop the march of time
And swallow all the years
Still nothing gained in dreamless sleep

Step by step to cleft
The ruined poisoned soul
Deep down there won't be any light
An endless fall

Nothings worth of trust
Abandoned empty walls
Immortal endless misery
The forlorn thrones

Limits of the life
That swallows all the years
Then winter comes and all asleep

The ages drown in sigh
Eternal silent song
The final ultimate relief

Wellcome the new world
Away with your tombstone
You'll need it later for the rest
When all are gone

Be the only lord
Of chasm inside grows
An abyss, hell that you create
Completes your fault

05. Death Parade
Creatures crawling in file
Tasting sweetness of wrath
Bring the pledge of true light
Prosper juice of disgust and lies

Lost souls join the insane
Desecrating the lane
Spoil all pity destroy
Ride dead horses on this foul soil

Open up the sky
Heavenly promise laughing hell
Scapegoats in the dirt
So cold and desperate

Jealous numb and vile
Lunatic bodies on the mile
Watch them passing by
This is the death parade

Freedom doomed in the grid
Shape a fabulous scar
Don´t back off take the hit
Wounded innocence - here we are

Stab me with rusty toys
Cold blade slicing my face
Stop lamenting rejoice
Bleed courageously show some grace

Sweet dark lullabies
Strangle your shyness feeding fame
Voices tuning in
Songbooks of genocide

Mark my face with shame
Finally I´m part of the game
Joining the crusade
This is the death parade

06. Lost
Eyless the faces, faces of unknown
Surrounded by nameless hollow graves
I end my empty days

Lost in the mazes, there i roam alone
Without any chance to find the trace
I feel its all in vain

I doubt i'll be rising, rising up towards the sun
I'm meant to stay all alone
Nothing more to scare me now

It's so mesmerizing, knowing i'm the fallen one
Whenever you feel my soul
I may fake my life somehow

Nothing can stop my neverending flight
And noone to catch me if i'll fall
I'll crash onto the ground

Too many things are glorified but false
There's nothing to do, there is no goal
To hide and to be found

I hate all that voices, telling me its over now
I'm endlessly on my own
Knowing not which way to go

The only devotion, to be sacrificed in woe
The meaning of pain is known
Always something to atone

07. The Wheel
Anguish is killing your dreams
Eroding foundations of faith
Surface the merciless pulse
Scale down all desire and lust

Golden the weight of your head
Let modesty decapitate
Sacred reliance of guilt
You´ll never stop to kick the gate

Cherish and don´t fall apart
It´s time to diminish
Remove it and vanish

In contemplation of death
Convenient shatter
The unwanted matter

Grateful existential whore
Exhaustion to glorify pride
Burnt eyes are staring in vain
Enlighten them participate

08. Forsaken
The way goes down
Your desires fade away
All your passions, all your hatred
All you fears and all your prayers

Another round
Call the void and don't turn back
Pray for mercy and oblivion
Cry alone in abyss depths

This way goes down
You shall see all what it brings
You should know where it will lead you
You will find there everything

What you deserve:
Iron temples filled with pain
Empty cages, empty spaces
Empty eyes and empty veins

Whatever you need
Make your inner compromise
Stay forever at the frontline
Be forever lost and blind

You'll never forget
Silent screams and tearless cries
Turn look back and face your regret
Shut your crypt and close your eyes

You are not unique
Simple pleasures, rough desires
Lay down deep there, under ground
Or grant your future to the pyre

I know all your needs:
Wicked visions you admire
Let me know you are so hopeless,
I will fill you with my lie